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Welcome to WallaceGOODE FOR ALDERMAN

Our purpose is to give the community members of the 5th Ward a political choice. We envision a future where our fellow community members don’t have to worry about quality healthcare, economic development, the quality of education, and so on. The 5th Ward needs a person who can connect our communities to the resources that people need, for the betterment of our quality of life.

Who Is Wallace Goode?

A Silent Vote of Confidence for a Long Time Chicago Resident

As a Chicago resident, Wallace Goode knows what’s good for the community.

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Proven Business Developer

Seeking to develop the economy to improve livelihood.

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Dedicated to Community and Public Service

Serving the community for the betterment of the community.

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A Vote for Wallace Goode is a Vote for the 5th Ward

We seek change to encourage better outcomes.

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Introducing WallaceGOODE FOR ALDERMAN

I’m a kid from Woodlawn who has traveled the world, from Mt. Carmel High School to Central Africa and the South Pacific as a U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer to International Corporate Trainer. We have survived better than many wards and not as well as others. Filling the void left by our retiring Alderwoman requires a unique set of skills for the next 5th Ward Alderperson.


An Alderman serves on the City of Chicago’s, 50 members, municipal assembly. In addition to representing individual ward interests, together, the fifty aldermen comprise Chicago’s City Council, which serves as the legislative branch of government for the City of Chicago.

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