“Our government is overextended. It has made promises to educate, house, feed, and protect us. It can’t fulfill those promises. We have to make up the difference” — W. Goode


On July 1, 2022, I announced my intention to run for Alderman of Chicago’s 5th Ward, which includes Grand Crossing, Hyde Park, Kenwood, South Shore and Woodlawn. I’m a kid from Woodlawn who has traveled the world, from Mt. Carmel High School to Central Africa and the South Pacific as a U. S. Peace Corps Volunteer to International Corporate Trainer.

putting the final piece of American flag puzzle

From the City of Chicago, Assistant Commissioner for Workforce Development to Executive Director of Chicago’s Empowerment Zone to Special Assistant to former Mayor Richard M. Daley.

From being a Dean at four different colleges/universities (Allegheny, Earlham, IIT, and most recently, U of C) to Executive Director of Hyde Park’s Chamber of Commerce.

Campaign Activities and Strategy

An Alderman serves on the City of Chicago’s, 50 members, municipal assembly. In addition to representing individual ward interests, together, the fifty aldermen comprise Chicago’s City Council, which serves as the legislative branch of government for the City of Chicago.

Chicago’s 5th Ward has been led by retiring Alderwoman Leslie Hairston, for the past 24 years: Her retirement creates a huge leadership void but at the same time, an excellent opportunity for the introduction of progressive ideas, innovative solutions, and fresh leadership.

The 5th ward is at a cross-road: We have survived better than many wards and not as well as others. Filling the void left by our retiring Alderwoman requires a unique set of skills for the next 5th Ward Alderperson.

Our next 5th Ward Alderperson:

  1. Must be community anchored and globally trained
  2. Have a community organizing and urban development background
  3. Must deeply understand education
  4. Our next 5th Ward Alderperson must have economic development experience
  5. And lastly, he or she must “speak” City Hall, “southside” and the University of Chicago
  • We need a Bridge Builder to better connect our communities to resources and each other.
  • We need a Conductor committed to leading on behalf of the entire 5th Ward.
  • Our next 5th Ward Alderperson needs to be a History Maker devoted to telling OUR STORY.

Learn more about my campaign by volunteering, or get more information by contacting us!